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Are the Women equivalent to men?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Being from the country where women are idolized as goddesses,Undoubtedly every woman in this country handle the hurdles with ease and set things right in the interest of the family. In my perception Women can never be referred as a weaker sex, if the men folk argues the physical strength being the decider in the battle of robustness the women folks are much more solider in their mental strength. Society have been prejudicing to the women folks in many ways and surprisingly it is accepted as normal by all of us including the very own women folk. A woman is expected to leave the house after getting entangled to man whereas the statute for men is different, they can choose the place for them to live. Some women in India are lucky enough to get into a house as a beloved daughter-in-law and she is accepted and treated as their own daughters in the family she gets in. But in case if a woman is not blessed to get in such a family her life would be a misery. Unfortunately, many women in India had to strive, slog and toil to establish their identity in their husband’s house. This is insisted on them in the name of culture, practice and norm. They are advised to mend their interests, preferences and delights according to the expectation of their husband and his family. Men folk, on the other side are not expected to do such things. They are not expected to maintain protocol when they talk to their in-laws. They can be frivolous in their behavior and are allowed to take any impromptu decisions. In the modern days, majority of the women go to work and contribute financially to their families. They are give shoulders to their husbands in paying the hefty EMIs, contributing to the Children's school fees and support their own parents as well.

Majority of those women are known for their patience, persistence, profound thinking. Her love towards their family is an example of unblended endearment. This article in my site is a tribute to all such unsung heroines of every household. It is certain that without such strong women the society will perish.

The readers may ask why do I write this on 9th July 2020, I know it isn't a women's day or mother's day. Should there be an exclusive day to exalt the women? In spite, I should confess that I met one such woman, on the same date 17 years ago. She is my inspiration in many things and we are happily married for 12 years now. :)

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