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Do non-living things have consciousness? 

I have always wondered whether the non-livings have consciousness. I have several personal experiences to assume that the non-living things are no less to the living organisms in terms of showcasing their feelings towards their close people.

I owned a car for 10 long years, then the time came for me to replace it with a new one. I had a great equation with my old car since it was my first ever car. Beyond that, every good thing in my life had happened after the car came into my life, or sometimes I had to travel in the car to experience some exciting events of my life. In a decade lot of metamorphosis are expected to happen in a human's life, Will I be different from that? The car which I held partnered with me in every aspect of life. Let it be a job interview, pregnancy of my wife, My child's first arrival to home, property purchase, and many more to mention.

So it is completely normal for me to get into an emotional affinity on that vehicle. Retrospecting the decade spent with the car I should have rolled on the floor crying on the day I exchanged it for few grand, which would, in turn, help me in saving a few thous on the final price of the new car. But, due to the stimulating exhilaration, all that I did was shed few drops of tears on the day a faceless stranger rode the car right royally after signing a cheque for those little pennies.

Though I had to strive against the tides of solitude waves for few days having a depressing melancholy around. It was short-lived. The moment I parked the new car I forgotten the old one.

However, on the following 5th of Jan (The day I bought my first car), my new car met with a minor accident and reminded me about my old car as I have never met with an accident with my previous car. That stumbled me. An accident is a common word for drivers however how did that happen on the anniversary day of my car purchase was the million-dollar question.

I was sure, then, that the non-living things do have feelings and consciousness. I started reading a lot about it since then. A psychologist named Dr Paul Thagard had done extensive research on this topic and he was on my side.

He wrote an interesting article and he called this 'Panphysicm'. He, in fact, states that 'Panpsychism is the claim that consciousness is not just a property of the brain, and not a property of some special spiritual kind of substance like the soul, but rather a property of everything in the universe. Even a rock or a pebble or an atom has a little bit of consciousness in it.'

One of his articles fascinated me to share on this site. --

I would be delighted to see you reading it and understand that consciousness is not a given asset only for the organism which has the brain, cells, and life.

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