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How to claim Goodreads Author Badge and join Author program?

If you are a writer you would certainly want to market your book on Goodreads. One of the best platforms to sell your books. But to start marketing your book you need to be recognized as the author of a book. This is not a very complex process on Goodreads, however this is not user friendly too.

All you need to join the Goodreads author program is a published book. Though Goodreads claimed you could join the program without a published book or an unfinished book, in my personal experience that wasn't feasible. You need a published book with ISBN, until then you could create an individual account in Goodreads and explore the nuances of the site. Once the Book got published in Amazon or Kindle or any other platform. You could identify the book in the search books option on the top by typing the exact title of the book or the author name.

In case if you are not able to able to get the book through search. you can manually add the book by clicking the lens icon near on the search engine.

On the Add the new book page, you have to fill up all the important and required details and create a book. Again I repeat, it is better to have an ISBN number when you do this activity. Use the right pen name when you fill up the author details. Finally click the ' Create Book' Button.

In a moment a link would be up for the book you created. Click on the Author name link beneath the book name. You would be taken to a blank author page which had no details except for the name. Go to the bottom of that page and click on 'Is this you? let us know' .

This will take you to a page where you would be asked to fill up few information about the book like, ISBN no, Publication type, your contact email id and so on. You need to fill them all and submit and wait for few days (Think 4 to 5 working days). You would be accepted as the author and the badge would be given to you to your individual account. You are also intimated about all those developments over email. Which in turn meant you are free to do marketing activities for your book on Goodreads. NOW!! There are two things you should be mindful. You should have an exclusive Goodreads name while you fill up the author information while creating the book manually. Otherwise your book could get assigned to somebody else. Use initial or even underscore to be distinct. Other important thing which I experienced was, Even after filling all the required details while claiming my book as an author, the software (Sorry if am using a wrong word, not a techy) did not accept me as the author for no reason. So I wrote to The auto-generated message said I would get a reply in 4 working days but to my surprise I got the revert on the same day, late evening. The Goodreads team is too good in handling the customer queries was my perception after that episode. My best wishes for your publication! Enjoy the book marketing!!

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