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Money heist and its stupid logic

This article is not a review of the recent sensation Money Heist. This is about the logic they gave to brand the protagonists of the story to be the good ones and the saviours of the world.

The Professor, who appears to be the hero of the series, claims in one of the scenes that, they did not do any harm to the society by robbing others money, they did not hurt anybody during the entire heist exercise and all they wanted was to print their own money and get away with it. He further confided that, They were the bunch of ignored & disregarded people in the society and their battle for survival was looked up as an unscrupulous set of actions in terms of defined law. So he wanted to run away with the money which they printed and live peacefully and let the society be in peace. I was awestruck to see the police inspector getting carried away for this stupid argument. (There were too many stupidity in the series to quote, btw)

Now, What would actually happen if somebody printed the money they wanted to print without the approval of the governing body?

Printing more money doesn’t increase economic output – it only increases the amount of cash circulation in the economy. If more money is printed, consumers are able to demand more goods, but if firms still have the same amount of goods, they will respond by putting up the prices. In a simplified model, printing money will just cause inflation.

To explain it better, Imagine the market produces Rs. 1 crore worth of grocery goods , out of which Rs.10 Lakhs worth of Refined oil packets costing Rs, 100 each. Imagine the money supply in that market is also Rs.1 Crore. Which is exactly equivalent to the market capability of production. Imagine somebody, like our Money heist heroes, releases Rs. 1 Crore unapproved money in the market through purchase of a property or starting a business. The money circulation in the economy goes to 2 crores whereas the production value would still be only 1 crore. As an cascading effect of this, people would have more money and would start buying more oil packets. But the market won't be able to produce more since the market capacity is only to produce the oil worth of Rs.10 Lakhs. Due to this the demand for the oil increases and the supply would come down. To manage this disparity the producers of the oil would increase the price from Rs.100 to Rs.200 per packet.

And, This would happen to all the products and the people who got more money would be able to buy more and the people who had less purchasing power cannot buy many things. This is the exact scenario that happened in some of the countries where only a few sectors grew due to the sudden emergence of investors and others remained low as they were in the conventional business set up. This is the road map for bringing in a classic dis-economy. Leaving the imprudent and thoughtless film making which failed to answer the questions like 'what would have happened if the Prime Minister of Spain declared a demonetization?' or 'What if the police force switched off the power supply to the Royal mint of Spain?', I would rather say, If the burglars are taking away the money from the mint, they are still the burglars and that's it. They do more damage to society than robbing a wealthy man's house. The money they were swindling from the printing machine was enough to turn the whole country topsy-turvy. That may hike all the prices around in a blink of an eye, half the population would lose jobs, Recession would hit in like a storm .. so on and so forth. So, For heaven sake do not bring the arguments like 'Ignored set of people', 'Fight for hunger class' and expect benevolence from the viewers to make them look at the actors as real heroes. Like the great Shakespeare once said, 'for somebody to buy the lie, strive hard to make it realistic'. Not like Money heist. Period.

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