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Exam result season! Let me start the article with a hearty wishes for all the students who got evolved out of the schooling as sparkling stars. However, I would also like to wish those who were not able to perform the best in the exams this time, but am sure they would make it better next time as it is not arduous rocket science.

I have always felt the pressure of writing an exam is slightly lower than the social pressure the students undergo. In other words, the pressure from their own parents, their friends, their relatives, their family friends and so on.

I have always wondered, where did the score of 10th or 12th standard helped the students in their development except for being a blueprint to the door-knocks of some esteemed college institutions. Being a professor, I do understand you need a criteria to get through the screening funnel. At the same time, the pressure which was created around that, especially for that is age have always felt me to think ‘are we overdoing?’ .

Transformation can happen at any point of time to the human beings. Some people are luckier to get it earlier in their life. Some are slow starters. If the metamorphosis happens little late in one’s life isn’t he/she missing the bus in the intense cut-throat world? Shouldn’t someone be given the second opportunity? Are we giving it to the people who had failed to be impressive during 12th exams and later unfolding themselves due to the tough circumstances?

Is there an end to the questions those students had to take from the society? “Science or commerce?” “Computer science or Biology?” “How good are the abroad opportunities for these courses?” “IIT or MIT?” “ Why don’t you try Medical?” “ CA or ICWA?” And many more.. Common. Let’s give them a break.

We are living a world where the uncertainties disposes every proposal we make. Covid is one such wonderful example that. How those young buds would have an answer to these questions.

How many students commit suicide after failing in these exams thinking the life ends there?

'Teens to tys' is the stage where you are expected to take all the major decisions of your life. Starting from the studies to career to life partner to passion. Every decision one take during this phase would have its effect for many decades. Being the social animal, I have wondered, have we created the best ecosystem around us?

Life is not about grades, CGP, Marks or CTC all the time. Life is given to us to cherish and persuade the passion we are interested in or we are good at. Lets fabricate a road for our successors to perceive the beauty of life rather complicating them with redundant social pressure all the time.

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