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Was Lord Rama a Nepali?

Today the Nepal's PM claimed that Lord Ram was born in Nepal and undue controversies were rising upon it.

We shall understand Ram belongs to which Yuga even before we come to a conclusion of where he was born. Ram was born in Treta yuga. We are in Kali yuga and the previous yuga is Dwapara yuga and again preceding that is the Treta yuga. In certain studies it is claimed that the Avatar of Rama by lord Maha Vishnu is to bring in equality between people irrespective of caste and creed. In fact one interesting article I read said, Some people narrowly escaped from the getting killed by the sudden catastrophe during the end of the previous maha yuga ( 4 yugas together) and they became aliens to the current maha yuga. People who came on their lineage later failed to accept the beings of the new mahayuga. The beings of current mahayuga were undergoing the transition as per the human evolution cycle. Lord Rama was born when the current beings were in the stage of chimpanzees (or a human gorilla), his wife was abducted by Ravan, who belonged to the previous yuga's lineage. Ram, instead of calling his brother Barath to come with an armored troop he got an alliance with current yuga's beings (Sugriva and co) and vandalized Ravan. This is purely to make the people understand the current Yuga's beings are good enough and should be treated equally in the given world. This is one interesting theory I read recently.

So getting back to the title of the article, If Rama belonged to Nepal or India is immaterial. Whether we follow him or not is important. The purpose of Rama's existence is to make people understand equality. Show the kings what is righteousness, convey to the humans that abducting or even sighting the women belonging to somebody is a sin. Do we practice all that? isn't that an important debate we should be focusing one?

Anyway unfortunately the map says, the PM of Nepal is right. According to the widely popular map of India during Ramayana days, Ayodhya is in modern day's Nepal. However Nepal belonged to India (Bharatha then). God and his avatar cannot be confined or compacted to a territory or a country. Earth being a small little dust particle in this widespread universe and him being the owner of the universe I find it silly to even discuss this as an issue. Period.

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