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Who is the prey to nepotism?

Is nepotism something new? Nepotism exists everywhere. Nepotism is common in the sports fraternity, would you think Rohan Gavaskar would have made his debut without the support of nepotism? Ramesh Krishnan, was he a greatest tennis player of India to play several Davis cups without winning a single round in an ATP?

Nepotism is big time in politics. We know almost all the parties in India belong to one family and it has become a hegemony.

So, Nepotism is not new to us, in fact we undergo that on a daily life. Every common man has become a prey to nepotism one way or the other. In other words every common man practices nepotism when the opportunity arises. The celebrities, politicians or sports stars don't come from the android galaxy they are one among us, they were transformed to a heterogeneity after being part of the parade for a long time.

Nepotism belongs to the system that human beings structured around them. Unlike the wild, where survival of the fittest is only a hymn, here born to the right family became a viable crosscut for many. Like any typical obstacle, like partiality, bribery, freebie and so on, nepotism is a social problem. In the previous era, during the period of Mahabharata Dridrashtra and Dronacharya practiced nepotism. The crisis stays with us for more than a few millennia.

So, unlike the recent news hitting news headlines, nepotism is not a Bollywood thing. There is no second thought in eradicating nepotism but we should fight to eliminate the issue as a whole. Does not pertain only to one fraternity called b-town due to a budding star's demise and it is not an emotional issue, it is a very vital issue and could be removed only through the synchronization in the voice of the real talents. And... certainly suicide due to nepotism is not an act of bravery or courage. That won't lead us anywhere.

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