Are you a mama kid? This is why we are... 

Ever thought why are we so attached with your mother more than anybody, including your father? There is a story behind it, and this story is a true incident that happened in one of the thick forests of northern India.

a long long ago, there was a sarang variety bird named Mandabala.. Mandhbala was living with his female partner named Jarita. Soon after Jarita layed 4 eggs, Mandabala got attracted to another female bird named Labita. Jarita was upset due to this and she started to live on her own with her eggs.

One of the days, a firestorm grew in the forest and it spread across at a rapid speed. By the time the hatchlings were out of the eggs. They looked beautiful, however the mother Jarita was worried and anxious about the ramifications of the intense forest fire.

Meanwhile, on the other end, Mandabala, the father of the hatchlings who lived with Labita was worried equally about his kids. He wanted to save the hatchlings from the fire so was determined to go but Labita wasn't happy for her husband visiting his Ex's house. Mandabala, decisively said, his concern towards his kids would be the primary one at any point of time in his life and flew.

There was an argument between the mother and the hatchlings at the other end. The kids wanted the mother to fly and be safe so that she can reproduce. Carrying all the 4 with her won't be possible. Mother Jarita was skeptical about it. The Argument went for a long time and the mother agreed to fly leaving the four poor hatchlings in the nest as victims to the brutal fire.

Half the way flying, the mother couldn't resist the treachery she had done to her kids. She came to the same old forest. She expected her kids to be dead by getting scorched in the inhumane fire. To her surprise the kids were playing in the nest and the fire was gone. Jarita was ecstatically overwhelmed and realised the happy tears plummeting from her eyes. She asked them how did that happen, for which the Hatchlings said, "We prayed to fire god, that since we didn't live even a day with you, we wanted him to bless us to be born again to you. He was commiserate to our request and left without disturbing us."

Jarita, hearing the story, hugged the hatchlings tight and cried. By that time their father Mandabala came to the nest. He felt sorry for leaving the family during the critical time. He expressed his apology to Jarita, for which Jarita did not care to reply. She said she doesn't want to see his face and wouldn't want to see him again.

Mandabala, before leaving the nest knowing all were safe, said "Until the kids are born a woman's priority might differ based on the occurrences of her life. However, the moment she becomes a mother her only primary objective would be her kids. She would be ready to sacrifice anyone for the welfare of the kids, this is the canon of life on the earth" and flew from the nest.

This story is narrated by Sage Veda Vyasa in Mahabharata. Mandabala is a sage who took rebirth as a bird to make people understand the importance of motherhood. This forest was located in the Indraprasta, where Yudishtra and his brothers built a castle later. This story is believed to be a true incident and this is considered as the evidence for the rationale behind the mother's jingoistic affection towards the children.

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