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How to attain moksha in Kali yuga?

If you are not a believer of Moksha, Atma or reincarnation please don't read it further as this article is about that.

When Arjuna's grandson and Abhimanyu's son Parikhsit was bitten by Takshak, the snake king, Parishit was about to die in seven days. To give him the salvation Sukha muni recited him the Bhagavata purana written by his father sage Veda Vyasa.

The bhagavata purana is all about the art of living in the kaliyug. It is akind of modus operandi for the people to handle the kali. One can read to know the ways and means to reach vikunta or to break away the chain of birth and death.

Every organism is a soul and it gets into a physical body, which is nothing but an attire given for the specific carnation. The attire will change and differ but the soul remains the same. Based on the previous birth's deeds and misdeeds our next carnation is decided and programmed. To get rid of this chain process there are certain ways available and those are mentioned in the Bhagavad purana.

The hindu tradition says, the span of earth is subdivided into four Yugas. Starting with Satyuga, Threta yuga, Dwapara yuga and Kali yuga. We are in the start of Kali. In kaliyuga it mentioned in purana that, the people would lose social interest, people would become selfish and self centered, Jealousy will become the predominant trait for everyone, people would lose faith in righteousness rather the success and victory will become the most important driving force. To attain success people would start doing any misdeed and they don't feel bad about it.

Social pressure will become intense. One will be respected based on the wealth he acquires and the people without opulence would be humiliated left right and center. When you live your life in Kaliyuga you are not expected to do yagna or penance to attain salvation unlike the previous yuga. Reason is very simple. As mentioned earlier, when you are living in the world of survival the pressure for any individual is very high and doing a penance forgetting the basic responsibility towards their family and society is considered a sin.

So the only and a very easy way to attain moksha or salvation in the Kaliuga is to remember and enunciate your favorite god's name faithfully. Lord Krishna says, "since the yuga is going to be the toughest one for the species, the road to salvation has also become simpler". In spite of having the uncomplicated road-map, the humans are expected not to execute the criteria given during this Yuga.Sad!!

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